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Synopsis: In February 2015, 10 actors came together at Haven Studio to tell true stories. The plan was to create an orginal piece of theatre, while documenting the whole experience for a feature length documentary. With Ben Ratner working with the actors to write the play and perform their stories and Rob Wenzek directing the documentary - the process started. After many many hours of tears, laughs, meltdowns and throw downs, 8 actors remain in the project and the process has resulted in an play called 'Either We Talk or We Don't Talk'. This one night only event will be filmed for the documentary 'Big Feelings', the story of this group's journey from concept to performance, and how this creative process has helped these performers transform their often traumatic stories into creative empowerment for themselves and their audience.

'Either We Talk

or We Don't Talk'


"Sadly, due to a death in the family of one of our cast members, we
regret that the July 17th and 18th shows of 'Either We Talk or We
Don't Talk' are cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and hope
to bring the show to you in the future.



Loretta Walsh - Producer

Ben Ratner - Director"




Director: Ben Ratner

Starring: Danny Wattley, Loretta Walsh, Kirkland Douglas, Penny Ray, Stefania Indelicato, Jerry Trimble, Amara Kremblewski and Christopher Talbot.